Why Have Your WordPress Website Built by Brightside?

There are SO many website developers out there and they all promise to be the PERFECT choice for your business. As a business owner how do you decide who is the right fit for your website? It can be hard and making the wrong choice can have a negative effect on your business. Let us tell you what makes Brightside Creative Solutions a cut above when it comes to WordPress website developers.

Clear expectations
Did you know Jess and I were Project Managers for several years before Brightside? You may be asking yourself, “Well, why does that even matter?” It matters because we are trained and experienced communicators. We know what to plan up front to give clear expectations on any project. You will know how long the process will take. You will have clear expectations on what we need from you. And we always deliver. If we forgot to ask for something or didn’t properly communicate something to you ahead of time – we own that! We will make it right. We think about all of the details FOR you and make the website building process easy on your business.

Set project price
Have you worked with developers in the past? If so, you will know that out of nowhere your project price changes when the agreed upon scope of work never does. Why does that happen? Didn’t they quote you for the agreed upon scope? If that didn’t change, then what did? The answer is never clear but Brightside simply does not do that. We find out everything you need for your website upfront. You confirm that is all you are looking for. Then we have you sign a contract agreeing to said price and scope. This is not only helpful for our business but for yours as well. If the scope doesn’t change, your price doesn’t either. You can breathe easy knowing you don’t have to plan ahead of unexpected charges.

Easy to manage
What’s more frustrating then a web developer building a site in their own custom code? You can’t train someone to make a simple text or image update for you because they have never worked with this specialized code before. We don’t like when our clients (past and present) feel helpless and stuck. We build our WordPress websites with Beaver Builder. And easy to update visual builder. We can teach you or your employee(s) how to use it OR you can pay us to make updates when needed at our hourly rate. Since it is so easy for us to update, our price is always affordable.

When we build your new, mobile-friendly website it is wholly YOURS. You own it, you can update it, you can change it when your business grows and changes. This is how it should work! Have we mentioned our impeccable customer service? Don’t believe us? Check out what some of our clients have said! Don’t waste your time with the wrong WordPress website developers. Let us make this process easy for your business!