When It Is Okay to Say ‘No’ In Business & Personal Life

Do you struggle with a constant chaotic and stressful schedule? It is so easy to fall into the trap of nonstop commitments, especially when you are a business owner! As Brightside has developed, we have found that sometimes saying ‘no’ can actually be healthy for your business! We hope to inspire the same change in your life. We highlighted 3 common situations we have found ourselves in the past and learned that we should have said ‘no’. Hindsight is 20/20 right?!

1. When Your Spidey Senses Start Tingling
Have you ever found yourself talking with a potential client and had a gut feeling that something was off? Like their expectations of what you provide are not correct or they seem like they will have a difficult time staying within the contract terms. We have! It is so hard to turn down business, especially when the client is ready to pay and begin the project. However, we have learned that if you have an “off” feeling with the client, it is not worth moving forward. Save yourself from the drama and headache in the future by trusting your intuition.

2. When You Are The One Always Being Flexible
Like many successful business owners, we are committed to our clients and promises! However, sometimes we find ourselves continually bending over backwards for the client. We understand that being flexible is an important quality when it comes to business (and life), yet, when you are the one constantly rearranging your schedule with it never being reciprocated by the other party – it can be a problem! It is okay to set firm boundaries with client to ensure that the relationship can be successful. We have found, that when we are direct and communicate about these boundaries or limitations, our client will respect them.

3.When The Work Is Outside Of Your Scope
When we develop a great relationship with a client, we sometimes get asked to do other services we don’t normally provide because they like working with us so much. While this is very flattering, we have found that taking on projects that we do not excel at only increases our stress and schedules. Instead, we have found that having strong referral partners in areas we do not specialize in is the best option. It is okay to say ‘no’ to something you don’t feel comfortable taking on.

While the examples above relate to business, we can easily spin them to personal situations as well. If you are feeling burned out by too many commitments, take a moment to reflect on what changes you can start making. It is hard to tell the people we are close to ‘no’, as we do not want to disappoint them. However, being true to what works for you will make you a happier and more productive person. Who doesn’t want that?