What Makes an Entrepreneur?

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There are a lot of preconceived notions about what makes an entrepreneur. Some think it has to be someone who is born from privilege. This could mean the person has been given startup money to build from and has a family with money to fall back on. Others think it is someone that has an idea and brings it to life in a way that has never been done. Although, some of these things are true and have built the entrepreneurs we know to be most famous today, there is a new type of entrepreneur that we are starting to see!

As the economy has changed, so has the idea of what success can look like. Let’s talk about the newest entrepreneurs of the digital age. Who knows, you may be sitting here reading this and find yourself identifying with many of these traits. If so, the entrepreneur we are speaking of could be YOU!

Success and Creative Fulfillment Go Hand-in-Hand for You

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Climbing the corporate ladder for an entrepreneur is not something that fills them with a sense of success. Have you been promoted and felt the same restlessness as before you were promoted? Did that promotion not give you the sense of accomplishment you thought it would? Someone who is an entrepreneur does not always define success by the traditional corporate ladder climbing. Success is achieved when their creativity or original idea starts to succeed. There is nothing more fulfilling to this person than watching something they have put so much creative energy towards start to grow.

Do you know how creativity is often cultivated? It’s simple! Creativity lives and grows in your personal life. Whether that’s spending time with your family and truly being with them, having the freedom to take the meetings you want to take or doing one of your favorite past times. Creativity is built in the moments you are happiest and most fulfilled. Sitting in a cubicle with a micromanaging boss is often the reason creativity is squashed. The entrepreneurs life is filled with the ever fulfilling work/life balance that you have always wanted!

You are Unemployable

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Does this mean you can’t get a job because you are unqualified? Absolutely not. What it means is, you cannot work for someone else and stay motivated with a mission you don’t believe in. You have the need to create your own mission and live it. You are someone who cannot sit in a cubicle from 9 to 5, clocking in and out with routine everyday. These are mostly outdated American workforce traditions that still exist in a digital generation and it eats away at your very core. At least that’s what it felt like to us!

One myth people believe of entrepreneurs is that they work less hours a week because they are their own boss and they are sitting at home in their sweats when they work. Although, there have been moments where we have been able to work in comfy clothes at home, it’s often on the weekends and evenings after a full work day. Most entrepreneurs truly never stop working. You don’t start your own business to work less. If you want to work less, work a 40 hour week job for someone else.

You are a Leader & Perpetual Learner

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This is it people! Entrepreneurs never stop learning. They continue to follow their market trends and stay at the cutting edge of their field. Whether this is taking courses, going to expos in their field or subscribing to newsletters that help them stay informed, the learning never stops.

Becoming a follower should feel unnatural to you. Leading is the only way you know how to be. If this is you, it may be time to go after that director or manager position in your office. Or, better yet, be the leader in your field by starting your own business. When you are a natural born leader, you need to find a healthy way to put that personality trait to good use and live it every day. Did any of the above resonate with you? Have you always had a business idea and weren’t sure when was the right time to take the leap? Friend, now is the time! Take the leap, fellow leaders and dream followers. Regret is something that happens when thinking of what could have been!