What is SSL & Do You Need It?

 In Brightside Creative Solutions

Let’s start by clearing the air! SSL stands for: Secure Sockets Layer. You might be thinking…okay, and that means what?! We don’t blame you. Technology terminology often leaves people feeling confused and intimidated. We are here to help!

Basically, a SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This security measure insures that all data passed between the server and browser remain private. In the past, SSL certificates used to only be required for websites that collected information. For instance, an e-commerce website that sells goods or services where a customer would be entering in private information such as credit card.

However, starting in 2018, almighty Google has decided to flag websites that do not have an SSL certificate activated. This is Google’s way of trying to actively protect its users by providing secure websites.

Is a SSL certificate free?
Unfortunately, no! However, we like purchasing SSL certificates from GoDaddy as they provide great customer service to make sure it’s installed correctly. Click here for more information.

I don’t have a huge website, do I really need to have SSL for my website?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you collect information on your website? (contact forms, usernames, search functions, credit card information?)
  • Do you see this “not secure” next to your domain in the browser?

The answer is YES, you need a SSL certificate.

What does a SSL certificate REALLY do for my website?
Here are 3 top reasons you want to purchase a SSL certificate for your website.

  1. Keeps information safe: When a SSL certificate is activated on your website, the information passed (usernames, passwords, credit cards, etc) becomes unreadable to everyone except the server you are sending information to.
  2. Defense against hacking: Not having a SSL is like leaving the front door to your house wide open. You are giving a signal to criminals who have an eye for hacking into websites that don’t have any protection. SSL is the first line of defense against cyber criminals.
  3. Give your customers & POTENTIAL customers peace of mind: Feel proud that your website is secure with the lock emoticon. This increases your brand power and lets consumers know you are serious about protecting them. PLUS: Having a SSL will increase your search engine rankings.

Have we convinced you that you need a SSL? Good! Always remember, we are here to help with any of your digital marketing needs!