What are Microsites and Why Would You Use One?

When we meet with past or current clients they often ask us “What have you been up to lately?” “How’s business?” “Any new trends we should be aware of?” The answer to all three of those questions for us would easily be “building microsites.”

This may be the first time you’ve heard of microsites or maybe you are aware of the name but not sure what microsites are! Either way, we think it’s beneficial we dedicate this month’s blog to breaking down what a microsite is and how you can use one.

Great question. Simply put, a microsite is an extension of your main site living on a different URL. It can look the same as your main site or it could have a whole new design. You can have similar content as your main site. But microsites should link back to your main site and be an arm of your main website.

There’s a few different reasons why you may want to use a microsite but we narrowed it down to three.

1.Targeting a specific demographic
Most businesses have a few different demographics that they reach. In order to talk to a specific audience it may be beneficial to have a microsite that ONLY talks to one specific audience which directs THAT audience back to your main website. You can do more targeted SEO for this microsite and make a bigger impact this way.

An example of this would be an eye doctor who ALSO sells custom, high end eyewear (glasses and prescription sunglasses). You would have your main website that has all of the information about your practice using your primary URL [eyedoctorandeyewear.com]. You may want two microsites for your practice for this example. The first being for optometry [www.eyedoctorsmith.com]. You can promote exams and eye health and direct users back to your main site [eyedoctoreyewear.com]. You can target paid campaigns for your specific optometry audience or just target specific keywords hear. The second microsite could be for your high end eyewear [highendeyewear.com]. Now hear you would promote the eyewear and target the specific audience, linking everything back to your main website again.

2.Encourage audience to take action

If you’re running a giveaway or promoting a campaign a microsite can be used for the specific action associated with it. This is where your audience can enter the giveaway OR click the advertisement in Google and sign up for your promotion.

3.Promote new product, project or service

If your business has a new product that is launching soon a microsite is perfect to promote it. You can target it around this new product, have specific information about it and use it as a link to all of your paid promotions about this new product. This microsite’s URL can even have the specific product or services name in it which makes it that much more effective. Again, this microsite would be linking/pointing back to your main site.

In the digital age where everything is about effective keywords, audience targeting and linking to direct pages, don’t miss out on the importance of using a microsite. Make it work for you. We would love to show you the ones we have been working on so feel free to reach out to us with any of your microsite questions!