Warning: Not All Websites Are Built Equally

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Warning: Not All Websites Are Built Equally

Unfortunately, just having a website doesn’t mean you are representing your business in the best light. People judge a website and that often is reflected on how they perceive your business! Don’t lose out on potential customers just because your website seems outdated. Below is our checklist on what makes a website shine.

Who doesn’t have their smart phone glued to them 24/7? Our mobile phones are so much more than a device to communicate with. In fact, people are spending significantly more time on mobile digital media compared to a desktop. As of April 21, Google made it known that having a mobile responsive website positively impacts your website’s search rankings on mobile. Don’t let your potential customers be turned away by having to zoom in on their screen to find your contact information. Test your website here to see if you pass the mobile test.

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There is nothing worse than finally getting to a website, clicking on a link and having no way to navigate back to the homepage. The navigation bar should always be present on every page. Having links that are easy to identify and relevant, prolong the time spent on the website. Visitors don’t want to have to use a treasure map to navigate your site to get information. They want to be spoon-fed! Make their experience seamless by having all links working and navigation present.

Say goodbye to clipart and cheesy animation. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, this saying rings true with websites. Having a clean, streamlined design with cohesive imagery makes for a pleasant user experience. The trick is to use images that resonate with the message and do not affect load times. Think of the design as the first impression. Do you want to be caught not looking your best? When in doubt, go with the mantra ‘less is more’.

Like it or not, social media is here to stay! Having a social media presence goes hand-in-hand with having a website. There are so many fun ways to incorporate your different social media platforms on your website. Show your audience that you are well connected by linking social icons to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more! Don’t forget about blogging! Having easy to share information is a huge step in gaining an online presence.

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This might seem like a no brainer, but well written content is a MUST for a great website. You want people to stick around and be intrigued with the services you have to offer. Make sure your message is presented in the best way with strong calls to action and enlightening content. The goal is to leave the visitor with valuable information and a need to contact you.

Sure, our checklist seems pretty basic, but it can be easy to feel stuck and unsure how to make your website better. Keep in mind looks can also be deceiving! A website can appear like it’s in full working order but then have no SEO strategy or have security issues. Ready to see how you can improve your website to gain more business? Contact us today for your free 30-minute consultation!