Understanding Quality Over Quantity With Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn… it seems the list goes on and on! With so many hot social media platforms it’s easy to get overwhelmed and shy away from jumping into the circus. Let us encourage your business to step out into the world of sharing! Holly and I are big believers in quality over quantity when it comes to social media. This can mean a few different things, so let me break it down for you:

Choose A Platform
Want to know a secret? Social media is not an all or nothing endeavor. Know your capabilities. If the majority of your audience are on Facebook and Instagram, focus on posting consistently on just those two platforms. If LinkedIn is all you can manage at the moment, share worthwhile content there. It is better to have one active account than 5 different accounts that have not been interacted with in months.
TIP: It’s always smart to secure your business name on all social media outlets. So when you are ready to expand your social media efforts, the name you want to use will be available.

Choose A Hashtag
Do you ever see those posts with what seems like a million hashtags after their caption? When a business is using say 20+ hashtags with every post, it can come off a little desperate. We tell our clients to choose a handful (3-5) consistent hashtags that resonate with your brand. This then leaves you the freedom to add some more playful and unique hashtags that correspond with each post.

Choose A Story
We often get asked, “How many times should I post a week?” The answer to this question can vary as much as the person who asks it. We do not believe in posting just for the sake of posting. The purpose of social media is to share interesting content. That being said, to be considered active on a social media platform, we recommend posting at least once a week!
TIP: Save time and schedule your posts in advance. Start by just posting 4 times a month. Write the posts with an enticing image and schedule for the month ahead. This way you don’t have to worry about staying active each week.

We believe all businesses can benefit from having a social media presence. Your audience is engaging with these platforms everyday. Don’t miss out on potential business because you are afraid to jump in. Step into the ring and take charge of your brand online.