The Power Of Setting A Goal

 In Brightside Creative Solutions

We are happy to announce we fulfilled our 2018 goal of being hired as independent contractor. We are sharing because it demonstrates how powerful it can be to write down your business goals and share them with others. You may remember our BLOG from December where we talked about four the benefits of hiring an independent contractor.

Even though we have fulfilled our goal, we are still happily taking on website clients!

Do you have a goal in mind? Here are some tips on how to achieve your goal – the first step is truly believing it will happen!

  1. Set a due date
    We had hoped to fulfill our goal of being hired as an independent contractor by the first quarter of the year. Even if you do not hit your goal due date, writing a desirable and realistic due date will help you keep pushing toward it.
  2. Reach out to your network
    Don’t be afraid to talk to your connections about your goal. You never know who will know someone that can help you achieve it! By putting your desire out into the universe you are being open to the all the possibilities.
  3. Actively search
    Get creative with searching for ways to accomplish your goal. We actively pursued communication and jobs on LinkedIn and other online sources that we typically wouldn’t have done before. We made sure we set aside time each week to do this.
  4. Adjust along the way
    When we noticed we were not getting the replies we wanted to our search, we looked for ways we could adjust our approach. We changed our wording and the people we were talking to and broadened our ideas.
  5. Keep track
    We kept a working excel sheet of all the places we contacted and the information tied with it so we could keep track of our communication. This helps show areas where we could be better and helps us remember who we have reached out to.

Summer often brings lazy days but don’t let that mentality slow you down! Keep reaching for your goal and even if the due date you set passes, keep going for it because you never know what is right around the corner.