Summer Motivation Checklist

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Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs and straight-up bosses! It’s summertime. A time to relax, get out of town with the family, drink by the pool and enjoy the great outdoors. Sounds great right!? YES! What’s the downside? Why do you need a motivation checklist this summer?

Well, if you are like us, you need to find motivation to stay focused on your business while still enjoying all the joys that summer brings! So before you lose your stride, go through this checklist to stay on track!


For the better part of the year, it is hard to focus on internal marketing goals for your own business. Heck, we are in the marketing business and we have to set time for ourselves to set, implement and track our own marketing goals. While the summer may be slower for some businesses, use this time to focus on YOUR business. Look at past goals and set new ones for the next quarter. This helps keep the motivation strong.


Summertime is when a lot of our clients go on vacation. Who can blame them living in the desert?! It can feel like business is “slow” and when you are busy most of the time, it can feel like something must be wrong with how you are currently going after new business. This is usually a false feeling. We believe that in the summer, when your clients may be taking time off, you should find the time to think on the past 6 months and intentionally celebrate your success. Your success in life and in business. This keeps your spirits high and gives you new love for what you want to go after!


Are you like us and feel bad when you shut down for a week for your own vacation? Do you think, what if a client needs me? What if something huge pops up and I miss it? STOP. You deserve some time to yourself. Go on vacation somewhere. Take a day and spend it by the pool with your family. Have a staycation! Whatever you do, just turn off your work for a period of time. Use this time to relax. When you do that, your mind has time to refresh. This is the best thing for your business because it often helps you come up with new ideas and new motivations that you may not have had before. Don’t underestimate the renewing power of time off!