Social Media Presence – Yes, Your Business Still Needs It

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Clients are often frustrated knowing that their business should be on social media but not understanding how they should go about doing it. We believe the majority of the frustration comes from the assumption that being on social media will result in a huge increase in direct sales. Although, this can definitely be true for some businesses, it often requires a very large budget and an advanced strategic advertising plan. So the question we often get asked is, if my business has a small marketing budget, should I still invest in social media? Read our 5 points on why we say yes!

1. Branding

Don’t underestimate the power of your brand! By giving clients a sneak peak behind your business it creates brand loyalty. Sharing tips and highlights of your specific industry brings an element of personalization and credibility to your business. Sharing on social media is a smart practice to implement branding elements in a creative way like colors, logos, trademarks, etc. Posting and sharing on your social media platforms with a consistent brand is the unsung hero of branding.

2. Organic SEO

By linking your active social media platforms to your website, you are communicating to Google that your business is active and legitimate. This increases your search ranking in Google.

3. Reviews

It is great if you are collecting testimonials and highlighting them on your website. What is even better is collecting reviews via Facebook because it lets potential customers know they are legitimate. The more reviews collected over time solidifies that your business is trustworthy.

4. Be In The Know

Having your business active on social media gives you inside perspective on what your competitors are doing! Follow other leaders in your industry and take note of what is working and aspects you want to maybe implement for your own business. Stay current by educating yourself about trends and changes in your industry.

5. Target Your Ideal Audience

If you decide to promote some content via ads, you will have the ability to target the exact audience you are going after and only pay on engagement. Have confidence that the money you are investing is going towards your direct audience and reap the benefits of being able to evaluate the insights of how the ad performed.

Whether you have a team member that can manage your social accounts for you, or if you feel like you need to outsource this aspect of your marketing – the important thing to remember is consistency. Remember that your online presence is available 24/7 and you never know what potential customer could be checking out your business. Make sure you are giving the best first impression.