SEO Checklist

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It’s time to get your digital marketing off on the right foot by checking items off of your SEO checklist. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is SEO all about anyway? SEO is all about digital presence and CONTENT. Think of it like a circle, with your website being at the center of that circle. You want everything else you have going on in the digital world directing to the center. So if you have social media pages and a Google for business listing, they should all be focused on directing users to your website. All with similar messaging and overall look. In the end, this will help your organic search rankings. Okay, let’s go through the checklist.

Checklist Item #1 – Have Updated Copy

This is an easy one. Make sure your website copy is up-to-date. Also, if you have a blog, make sure you keep it current and don’t go months and months without posting. If you don’t have a blog, start one! They are a great way to keep current, informative content for your brand.

Checklist Item #2 – Maintained Social

Do you have a social media account for your business? When is the last time you have made a post on that page? You want to make sure you are at least posting weekly. This shows users your business is current. When you have a few social pages and only posted when you first opened them and haven’t posted since, it’s time to start better social media habits. It might not seem like it will make that big of a difference, but the more active you are on social, the more opportunity you have to direct people to your website, ultimately gaining new business prospects.

Checklist Item #3 – Verify Your Business on Google

When you do this, you will now have your business listed on Google maps and Google for business. If you have not done this yet, take a few minutes and do it now! Don’t worry, we will wait!

Checklist Item #4 – Appropriate Labels for Website Image Titles & Alt Tags

If the images uploaded on your website are named something similar to “12345.jpg”, go in and change them. If it is a picture of your office, give the image title and alt tag a name like “Brightside Creative Solutions Phoenix Office”. Call it what it is. This way the users who are searching for you can find your via Google images as well. You will be surprised at how much cleaning up items like this will help your organic search rankings.

Checklist Item #5 – Tag Backend of Your Website with Social URLs

On all websites there should be an area on the backend where you can verify all of the social pages that link to your website. This is a great way for your to tell search engines, like Google, that these are pages associated and verified with your business and this particular website. Making it easier, in the long run, for more users to find you.

Checklist Item #6 – Implement Long-Tail Keywords on Website Pages

This tells Google how you want people to find you. We won’t go into this too much more because we have an informative video that tells you more details about this here.

With this detailed checklist, your business will be starting off with the right methods for getting organic SEO. If you need help to make sure your business is doing all that it can for SEO, work with us. We partner with businesses like yours to help your digital marketing!