The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

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More and more people are spending time on their mobile devices, but many websites still aren’t designed to account for different screen sizes and load times. Don’t you hate having to zoom in on a screen to read the copy or turn your phone all around to try to see everything? When a website is optimized for mobile, you don’t have to have a different user experience when you are on your phone.


  • Over half of web traffic is on mobile
  • Google favors mobile responsive websites in search rankings

So what is responsive design?

    • Responsive design is a method of developing a site that is completely flexible regardless of device. Rather than detecting a specific browser type or device type, the website automatically adjusts itself based on the screen size of the device.

What makes a great mobile responsive website?

Qualities of a great mobile site:

        • Simplified navigation
        • Easy to use hamburger menu
        • “Thumb” friendly with large touch points, especially for contact information. Example – when you see a # on a mobile site you should be able to click it and it dials for you.
        • Reduced image sizes so the image load time is faster – therefore not interrupting mobile navigation
        • Text on the mobile site is easy to read

So don’t miss out on potential customers because they are having a hard time viewing your site on their mobile devices. It’s time to make the update today! Give us a call to see what it will take to make your site mobile responsive.