Marketing During a National Crisis

marketing during a national crisis

We wanted to take the time and reach out to our community and clients during a tough time in our nation. I don’t think any of us anticipated this pandemic reaching the growing levels that it has and the effect it has on our surrounding communities in both health and business. It is a hard time to market your business and many of us had to adjust how we are doing business regardless. 

You may have a physical building where you run your business and have had to adjust because you serve the public. Maybe you are a small business owner running it from your home already but rely on meeting with members of your community to actually do business and now that has changed. We want to offer advice on what to do right now and what it looks like to adjust and change marketing plans while not having to completely stop everything.

Avoid Tone Deaf Marketing

This is something you never want to do in general but being tone deaf during a national crisis can harm the way people view your business. If you are a restaurant owner, now is not the time to promote booking group events. If you own a clothing store and your next marketing strategy for Spring was to promote Easter outfits for the family, now is the time to adjust the messaging. Proceeding with some marketing messages, not adjusting for what is currently happening, is an example of tone deaf marketing.

What should you do instead?

If you changed the way your business operates in light of what is happening, now is the time to communicate those changes with your marketing. Whether you do that in an email newsletter or through social media, this is a great way to show you are protecting the people you do business with by adjusting how you currently operate. This also shows your business is able to stay current and help it stay afloat during uncertain times.

Adjust The Plan and Your Services

Speaking of adjusting your marketing plan, it’s also a good time to adjust your services as well. Not every business is able to do this but to keep business going it might be a good idea to think out of the box. Most local restaurants are now offering curbside pickup, even if it wasn’t a service they offered before, they adjusted and offer it now. If you are a local clothing store that needs to remain opened and can’t afford free shipping during this time, you too can offer curbside pickup using your website. For businesses that operate by connecting in person with the community, like we do here at Brightside, now is the time to look into teleworking video platforms like Zoom or Skype to keep the personal connection with current or potential clients.

We are always growing and changing as business owners but it’s hard to know what is right and what is appropriate when so many are going through such a hard time like we all are right now. It’s okay to address that you are unsure during this time with your messaging but that you are trying to be there for your customer base in the ways you know how. Lean on your customer’s feedback now using email newsletters or social media by asking them what they need from you as a business that would be helpful during this time. Get their thoughts and maybe you will learn something they need from your business that you didn’t yet think of.

We hope this helps! We know business looks different right now for all of us. Just take some comfort to know we are all in this together and hope to pull through stronger than ever on the other side.