How do you obtain new business? Glowing reviews, of course!

Let us show you how to get more reviews.

Ah, the power of a good review, there is truly nothing like it. When your customers and clients are so happy that they can’t help but tell others or pass along a new referral – well, that’s what good business is all about! Reviews online are how potential customers see if you are someone they even want to work with before they make contact with you.

How are you currently receiving client reviews? Are they handwritten or emailed? Do you wonder if posting those reviews on your website is enough to attract new business? We think the post POWERFUL online reviews come from verified users. Usually that means a review from Google and/or Facebook. This shows potential customers that real people are having authentic experiences with your businesses. This further helps them decide whether to contact you!

How to get more verified reviews
So how do you get more of these incredibly important, verified reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google? The short answer – make it easy for your past/current customers by emailing them directly. We like to write a specific email to past clients with a direct link to one of our verified pages. Check out this example and put it into practice with your past/current clients today!

Dear {customer name},
We hope everything is going great! We really enjoyed working with you. Today, we are reaching out in hopes that you would take the time to leave us a brief review on one or both of these pages below. We would greatly appreciate it!

Facebook review – {link}
Google review – {link}

Many thanks,
{your signature}


Now what?
Watch the reviews roll in! If you have provided your customers a great service, they are often happy to share their experience. Since you made it so easy for them with a direct link in your short email, they are even more likely to take action. Now you will have more verified reviews on platforms that are outside of your website. This helps for potential customers who may find you on Google or Facebook before they find your website.

The GREATEST thing about these reviews is – they are real people! Your website testimonials are nice, but potential customers know you handpick the very best ones. With the Google and Facebook reviews, it’s in your past customers hands to detail their experience, which can be the best type of referral! Now you have no excuse to get more reviews – use the template above, make it your own and send a handful of them today. Do this at least once a month and watch how it helps your business!