We live in a very technological world – it can sometimes be easy to underestimate the power of a good first impression online. Here at Brightside, we like to think of a website as the modern handshake! With summer right around the corner, now is a great time to see if your online presence needs a boost of sunshine!

Some HOT Tips On When You Need To Firm Up Your Handshake (aka website remodel)

  • MOBILE: When you visit your website on a mobile phone or tablet, does it autofit to the screen? If you have to zoom in to read then this means your website is not mobile friendly and losing a lot of potential customers! The viewer should also be able to click on the phone number or email displayed on the website and it should act correctly.
  • TOO MUCH CONTENT: You know the saying less is more? With website content we tend to agree! People tend to pick out a few sentences and key words and get an impression from the overall look of your website. We suggest don’t have the user scroll too much to read and break out content in creative easy to read ways!
  • UNAPPEALING IMAGERY: Crisp and clear images can make a website stand out. This often means, the images should be taken by a professional and not just off your phone – especially if you are selling a product. Don’t let blurry or pixelated images ruin your website!
  • NO CONNECTION: No matter what industry, every website should have some way to connect or contact the owner via a contact form. It’s one thing to have a contact form on the website, it’s another to have it actually work. Make sure that your customers can contact you easily.

Think of your business website as the mobile hub! If you have a social presence, online reviews, or any other way your business is represented online, make sure they all point back to your website. We love freshening up websites, so if you are looking for an online boost or know of a business that could use some help, we would love the recommendation!