4 Reasons Why a Business Should Hire an Independent Contractor vs. a Full-Time Employee

 In Brightside Creative Solutions

Did you know we are independent contractors? This means businesses can hire Brightside to fulfill all of the needs required of a full-time employee with the benefits of having two experienced and organized partners with a cost efficient approach.

We currently have openings for 2018 to be an independent contractor for businesses looking to hire for positions such as:

  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator/Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator/Manager

We have the ability to sign on a for a full year contract or project by project. As you may know, there are many financial and creative benefits to hiring an independent contractor versus a full-time employee. This is the direction many smart businesses are going!

Here are 4 reasons why a business should hire an independent contractor vs. an employee:


Financial savings

For an employee, businesses have to provide employer-provided benefits, office space, and equipment. You will also have to make required payments and contributions on behalf of your employees, including*:

  • your share of the employee’s Social Security and Medicare taxes, which totals 7.65% of the employee’s compensation*
  • state unemployment compensation insurance, and*
  • workers’ compensation insurance.*

Let’s not forget that an employee often increases your payroll expenses by 20% to 30%.



You can hire an independent contractor for specific jobs/projects but when the project is over and your workload dwindles you can end your contract to save your business money. When another project arises – hire the independent contractor again. With employees, you are paying them no matter the workload, which oftentimes is not cost effective for the business.

Efficiency & Productivity

When you hire independent contractors you are often hiring experts in their fields who already have a system in place that helps produce projects in a timely manner. This could eliminate the time and cost it would take to train an employee.


When hiring an employee for positions like ‘social media manager’ or ‘marketing coordinator’ you are often hiring young personnel, which can mean high turnover. High turnover is a big waste of time and money to any organization. When you hire an independent contractor who you build a solid relationship with, you are often gaining stability for a position in your company that often lacks it.