2018 Is The Year To Invest In Your Business

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4 Reasons To Partner With Brightside For A New Website

It’s that time of year when you hear the non-stop cliches about starting brand new. It can be relentless and so easy to tune out. We think your 2018 goals should have already been set in place long before the year began, especially for your business. Now is the time for action!

If you have been putting off getting a new website built to fit with the modern technology that is currently apart of our daily lives, it’s time to stop putting it off! There are no excuses for an outdated website and getting a new one built is not as complicated as you may think! Especially if you work with the RIGHT WordPress developer (hint hint…that’s us!). Here are 4 reasons why Brightside is the perfect WordPress developer to build your new website.

We can build beautiful, modern and easy to use websites FAST. Give us all of your wants and needs for the sites and we can typically turn it around in 2 weeks. Now I know many of you have been promised quick turnaround from other businesses only to be met with poor work. It’s frustrating. We never produce work we aren’t proud of. If it is something we wouldn’t be excited to show off in our portfolio, we wouldn’t produce it.

Customer Service
We are often shocked at some of the stories we have heard about how other web developers treat their clients. Poor communication, never meeting deadlines and not listening to the client’s initial website wants and needs. That is NOT us. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond. Did you know Jess and I (Holly) were project managers for a good portion of our careers? This means we are sticklers for details and deadlines. We keep you informed throughout the process. If you don’t like something we did for you, we happily change it until you are happy. This is rare in website developers and our clients often tell us how easy we make the development process for them. Let us show you our exceptional service!

Modern, Clean & Easy To Use Websites
This should be a given, especially in 2018. But we promise you, it’s not. In fact, it’s rare in an affordable price range. Many businesses up charge for basic necessities like an SEO foundation or mobile friendly design. These are a given in our most basic WordPress development package. Having a modern website that looks great on ANY and ALL devices is necessary and we pride ourselves in providing all of our clients with just that. Do you want to manage your own website in the long run? We build our websites with an easy to use backend. You can easily add your own images or update content without paying us to do it for you. This saves you money in the long run.

Speaking of saving you money – did we mention our services are affordable? We recently heard from a client that a well known web host/domain provider charged her $4k for a basic website that she is unhappy with. We saw it and it looked like it was built 10 years ago. That is unacceptable! For a website that looked like hers, we would have charged nearly half! And more importantly, she would have been happy with it! We wouldn’t have finalized the project until she was. A small investment upfront for a website you will be proud of for years to come. To us, that is priceless.

Did we convince you why Brightside is second to none when it comes to building WordPress websites? Let us prove to you why we KNOW you will be happy with our services. You get a free 30 minute phone consultation so use that now to get started!